RAICHUR: In three days, 67 snakes have been rescued by a reptile specialist in Raichur.

According to the public, 8 reptile experts from across the district caught 67 snakes in three days and left them safely in the jungles of Maliaba on the outskirts of the city. Reptile specialists have also made people aware of snakes by leaving the forest. Raichur Rural MLA Basanagouda participated in the rally.

Under the leadership of the Friends Wildlife Society’s meteorologist Afsar Hussein, snakes have been left in the wild throughout the district. Eighty-six men, 67 of them, were left in the jungle, along with the anthropologists Sohel, Uday and Muktiyar. A total of 28 people, including reptile specialist Afsar Hussain, have been working on snake protection and awareness in the district for the past 31 years.

Friends Wildlife Society aims to create a snake park in Raichur city, to educate students and the public about snakes. Not all snakes are toxic, so snakes must be saved and left in the wild. “We are working towards this goal,” said a meteorologist, Afsar Hussain.

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