MUMBAI: Despite Mahesh Bhatt entering the industry as a successor, Alia Bhatt has become a star heroine with her own identity. Alia, who has been an actress for four years, has now become a producer. The salesman, who is becoming a producer through the movie Darlings, said it was a bit scary. Alia said in a tweet that she feels a little nervous about being a producer for the first time.

Alia Bhatt is co-producing with Shah Rukh Khan under the banner of his production company Eternal Sunshine Productions. Recently, film shooting has started. Although it was my first film as a producer, I would say it was a prequel. I feel nervous about this movie. I kept thinking all night.

There will be some fear before the new movie starts. Tension is how the dialogue is told. She said she would arrive at the shooting location 15 minutes early for fear of being late to the set. Alia tweeted that she thinks this feeling will never go away, I should not be like that .. but it makes sense that we are very careful if there is fear in us.

However, Shah Rukh Khan responded to Alia’s tweet with an interesting tweet. Alia tweeted, “Join me for another project you are doing after this project, I will be very professional and will come in time for the shoot.” Alia responded, “I can not ask you more than my favorite. Based on this, there is speculation that there may be another chance of another film being made between the two.

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