AYODHYA: Six members of the same family, including a four-year-old girl, drowned while bathing in the River Saryu at Guptar Ghat in Ayodhya on Friday.

While three of the Agra-based family are still missing, the three have been rescued and are being treated at the hospital, police said.

“Six of the nine people who were lifted from the river were said to have died. A search operation is underway to track down three members of the same family including two females and a 16-year-old boy,” Assistant Superintendent of Police Palash Bansal said.

The National Disaster Management Team is conducting a search operation with local and provincial armed constabulary divers. Bansal said 15 members of the family had come to Ayodhya to look for temples and other places. In the afternoon, the family reached the ghat and decided to make it to Sarayu’s. It was raining heavily at the time. A woman and her four-year-old daughter first descended into the river “deep.” When they shouted for help, their nine relatives jumped into the river to save them but were caught in a high flood. The corpses were seized.

Three members of the family, including two women and a boy, were away from the river, Bansal said.

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