Image via Instagram/Devolina Bhattacharjee

The journey of the late Siddharth Shukla as the Bigg Boss 13 contestant is one that will be most remembered for the right reasons. He certainly raised the bar and is often looked down upon by rivals and presenter Salman Khan. However, this time the name of the late actor was pulled by Big Boss 15 contestant Devolina during a fight.

Bitter things have changed between Devolina Bhattacharjee and Rashmi Desai in the last few days in Bigg Boss 15. You can see them calling each other out and blaming each other on the show. There was a word war between the two in last night’s episode.

At the same time, Devolina indirectly mentioned the name of Siddharth Shukla. He told how Rashmi targeted him in Bigg Boss 13 and fought with him and now he is doing the same with her.
Dovolina warned Rashmi, “Harkadan se baas aa Zhao Rashmi.

Jo tum kar suki ho na kandaki, wo hi kandaki tum mere sat mat karo. Ek ke saat tum tabi car suki fire, now you are trying to do it with me.

Meanwhile, Rashmi, who was heartbroken by this, expressed her grief to Shamita Shetty. Since Siddharth (Shukla) is no more I could see Devalina telling her latter that what she said was not necessary. He said that Dovolina did the same with him in season 13, so he should not say such things on camera this season.

Fans and enthusiastic followers of the show did not fail to notice this and had mixed reactions to it. While many support Devolina in her fight against Rashmi, some call her Siddharth Shukla for using his name in his game. Still others question his actions against him during BB13.

One user wrote, “#DevolinaPattacharjee was also a part of the bullying #Sidarthshukla I like Devolina but she should not be blamed #Rashamitesai Devolina was also disgusted with him and she is now a monk with many but she was not a monk then #Tejran”

In another tweet, “Rashmi Desai was shocked to see the fight of #Devolina Bhattacharjee on this OMG. See how fans have reacted on Twitter. Read Tweets: