DELHI: the infection rate of corona in Delhi was recorded at 0.15 percent, which is the lowest infection rate till date. Earlier on Monday, Delhi had recorded the lowest infection rate of 0.16 percent and before that the lowest infection rate in a single day came on February 16, when new cases were 94 and infection rate was 0.17 percent. Now this is the lowest infection rate in Delhi.

According to the bulletin released on Wednesday, in the last 24 hours, 76,186 samples were tested in Delhi and 0.15 percent of the samples were found positive. 111 new patients were confirmed. However, on Wednesday, apart from 111 new patients in Delhi, the number of 477 other patients has been added to the total. These patients are old, who were treated at Safdarjung Hospital, due to some reason the number of these patients has now been added.

On the other hand, on Wednesday, 702 patients recovered and 7 patients died. Now the total number of corona patients in Delhi has increased to 14,33,366 and out of this, 14,06,629 patients have been cured. But 24,940 patients have lost their lives so far.

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