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First, you learn to program using multiple languages. Then you read the assembly language on stage. Split the code and read. You can see the sections of the code that you want to change. You will find out how to make the changes you want. If you’re lucky, you can edit what you can run to make changes.

You may need to create a preloader to start the game. The preloader can change the memory settings while the game is running.

Keep in mind that most games are now looking for cheats, so you need to find that code and avoid it.

If you talk about hacking a game server, that’s a different topic. It starts as well. But then you have to learn how operating systems, networks, routers, firewalls, operating systems, etc. work. Then you study cyber security. You start hacking easy things, develop your skills and eventually try to find a weakness in the system. There is no guarantee that you will have one or the other working skills.

Anyway, by the time you even learn to do a hack, this game will no longer be relevant.

A great idea is to play the game better or learn to move on to another game that best suits your abilities.

free fire diamond hack 99 999 apk mod download

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