MM Keeravani means there will be no unknown music lovers. He is one of the few music directors known for classical music these days. Doing proper justice to Telugu words for music, he has reached the level of Pan India today. At one time he played music with Rajamouli and 5 reassuring families who were a joint family. Today, on the occasion of Keeravani’s birthday, let’s take a look at some interesting things as well as RRR Remuneration.

It is a well known fact that Keeravani and director Rajamouli are cousins. Almost all family members are somehow well-recognized in the film industry. Even though they were rich by birth, their entire family had to suffer due to making a movie.

Raising a joint family of over 20 is not a common thing. When no one had any income, Keeravani became a music director and deceived the whole family with one hand. I had to make some movies for money even if I didn’t like it.

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