DHARAMSHALA: A sudden cloudburst took placein Bhagsu Nag area of ​​Dharamshala area of ​​Kangra district in Himachal Pradesh on Monday morning. This has led to floods in the area. Flood water has infiltrated many houses. The administration has issued vigilance orders tocitizens and tourists. The administration is appealing not to endanger your life by falling into the rivers.

Himachal pradesacam ‘s famous tourist destination meklodaganja caused about others in the heavy and pavasanam bhagasu nagamadhala small stream using vahatoya filling. Due to rising water level, the river has also become a river. Hotels and businesses located around this stream have also suffered huge losses. Tourists were also horrified to see this form of nature.

Bhagsunag school has also suffered due to this. It is also learned that a three-storey house was destroyed due to water intrusion near Shila Chowk in Dharamshala. The administration is also facing obstacles in reaching out to the area for help. Roads have also been closed due to landslides in many places.

Here are some videos of the cloudburst. This video shows the shocking situation here. This video shows several vehicles being swept away in the water. My river in Dharamshala has also taken a terrible shape.

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