NEW DELHI: The Delhi High Court, while giving its verdict in the divorce case, hasstated the needfor Uniform Civil Code in the country. Justice Pratibha M Singh said in his judgment that today’s India has risen above religion, caste, community. In modern India, the barriers of religion, caste are slowly disappearing. Due to this change, there is also a problem in marriage and divorce. Today’s young generation should not have to deal with these problems. Therefore, Uniform Civil Code should be implemented in the country.

Actually, Justice Pratibha M Singh of Delhi High Court made this remark in the divorce case. Actually, the question arose before the court whether the divorce should be decided according to the Hindu Marriage Act or according to the rules of the Meena tribe. The husband wanted a divorce according to the Hindu Marriage Act, while the wife said that she comes from the Meena tribe, so the Hindu Marriage Act does not apply to her. For this reason, the divorce petition filed by her husband should be dismissed in the family court. The husband had filed an application in the High Court against the same argument of the wife.

Accepting the appeal of the husband, the High Court felt the need to implement Uniform Civil Court. The High Court also said in its decision that this decision should be sent to the Law Ministry so that the Law Ministry can consider it.

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