CHIKKABALLAPURA: Kannada actor Jaggesh’s son Gururaj is in a road accident. Gururaj’s car crashed into a road in Hyderabad Road. It is learned that Gururaj’s car collided with a highway divider while traveling on the Hyderabad-Hyderabad road.

The car carrying actor Jaggesh’s son Gururaj crashed near Agalagurki village in Chikkaballapur taluk. The impact of a collision with a highway divider is the front of the car. The accident occurred near the Agalagurki on the Hyderabad-Hyderabad road. The incident had taken place at the Chikkaballapur traffic police station and the police had arrived at the scene and examined it.

Jaggesh’s son Gururaj crashes into a moving car

A white BMW number KA 51 ME 9339 was traveling from Hyderabad to Bangalore when the car crashed in front of it. Jaggesh’s son Gururaj escaped with pranayana, a small, minor wound near the eyes and ears. She has gone to the local hospital to get treatment for the injury. Available information that the car’s tires were blasted out of control and collided with a divider Fortunately no other vehicle was as big a problem as it was not fast enough.

The car itself was driven by Gururaj. However, the exact cause of the accident is unknown. Family members have reported that Gururaj’s health is good. Gururaj is a minor injury to the right hand. There were no serious injuries. There is information available from the Jaggesh family that no one needs to worry.

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