KOTABATO: A major plane crash happened in the Philippines on Sunday morning. Here information has been received about a military plane crash. It is said that 85 people were on board the plane when the accident happened. Giving information, Philippine military chief Sirilito Sobejna said that the accident took place in the southern Philippines. According to media reports, 15 people have been evacuated so far.

According to the information, a C-130 aircraft of the Philippines Air Force (PAF), in which 85 people were on board, crashed near Patikul Sulu on Sunday morning. It is reported that the plane caught fire when the plane was trying to land on Jilo Island in Sulu province. After the plane fell to the ground, it turned into a ball of fire.

On receiving the news of the plane falling, the officials who reached there started the work of extinguishing the fire. So far 15 people have been evacuated alive from the plane. It is not yet known how the accident happened in the plane. At present, the work of evacuating the people trapped inside the plane is going on.

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