Nora Fatehi Video: Nora Fatehi and Varun Dhawan have done a film together. Both are fond of dance and both have worked together in the movie Street Dancer. During the shooting, actors often have a lot of fun to light up the atmosphere. One such fun-filled video of Nora and Varun is becoming very viral these days, in which Nora is seen getting very angry with Varun and deteriorating. It is shown in this video that Varun meets a girl, only then Nora Fatehi comes there and seeing that girl, his mood gets spoiled. Just then what was the anger Nora turns red and yellow. But the funny thing about this video is Nora’s actions and Varun’s expressions. just watch funny video

Why isn’t it a lot… Back stage fun is something else and Nora Fatehi never lets go of this opportunity. Nora is very happy wherever she goes and keeps making others laugh. At the same time, along with Nora, how much Varun is also fun-loving, it is clearly visible in this video.

Nora’s Bhuj motion poster released

Nora was known for her strong dance till now, now she is going to get into acting. The motion poster of Nora’s Bhuj The Pride of India has been released. In which Nora is going to be seen doing a lot of action. That is, this will be the first time when we will see Nora running hand and foot not for dance but for fight. All the actors are seen in this poster of the film. The film will be released on Hotstar on August 13.

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