MUMBAI: According to a survey conducted by the education department on starting schools in the state, 81.12 per cent parents agree to send their children to school. The proportion of parents in rural areas is also high.

Earlier, it was approved to start classes VIII to XII in compliance with the restrictive rules in the corona-free zone, School Education Minister Varsha Gaikwad had said. Meanwhile, there is talk that schools will be started in places where there is no corona infection from tomorrow. In particular, schools in rural areas will be started. Guidelines have been issued by several Zilla Parishad administrations in this regard.

6 lakh 90 thousand 820 parents in the state had participated in this survey. Out of which 5 lakh 60 thousand 818 parents agreed to send their children to school. Out of 6 lakh 90 thousand 820 parents who responded to the survey, 3 lakh 5 thousand 248 parents are from rural areas, 71 thousand 904 parents are from semi-urban areas and 3 lakh 13 thousand 668 parents are from urban areas. According to the survey, 81.18 per cent parents have agreed to send their children to school, while 1 lakh 30 thousand 2 parents have stated that they will not send their children to school.

Kovid patient should not have been found in the concerned village for at least 1 month before starting school. It has been suggested that the District Collector should plan for the vaccination of teachers.

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