Skin is the largest organ of our body that is subject to harsh weather and lifestyle. It results in dull skin with numerous scars and inflammation. Dr. Snehal Jadhav explains how to prioritize your skincare at her clinic, The Healing Center in Nagpur. Please consult her for thorough guidance and skincare regimes.

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Skin is the largest organ of our body that is subject to harsh weather and lifestyle. Ever stand in front of the mirror and find yourself brooding over what you looked like in the past. Do you miss your radiant skin, your lush shiny hair, those taught yet supple cheeks?

As children, we live a disciplined lifestyle, early to bed – early to rise; otherwise, we would miss school the next day.

As adolescence slowly creeps in, we dare to break some rules and make our own. We stay up late in bed, sometimes slipping out of the home unnoticed, and sleep until late in the morning.

Hormones are playing havoc with your brain and body, and you are actually in the phase of enjoying it.

Well, you know who else joins the party – acnes.

Yes, and you know who is responsible for these. Your very own best friends – Your Hormones!!

And of course, all the fast finger food that is so finger-licking good!!!

Then comes the twenties. The dreaded phase of life begins—long hours, responsibilities, competition, and worries.

We are still unable to get out of the habits we formed in our teens. Sleeping late and eating junk food.

All these are combined with exposure to harsh weather, and before you know it, your youth begins to deplete.

Some of you will start showing a receding hairline; some will find the skin dull and dead – well, mostly matching your mood.


What can you do about your receding hairline and dull glowing skin?

Hmmm. Here’s what you can do. You can go on google and search for a cosmetologist who specializes in skin and hair treatment. If you reside in Aurangabad, you can look for the best skin clinic in Aurangabad and find The Healing Center – founded by Dr. Snehal and Dr. Yogesh Jadhav.

Together they form an unbeatable team that will help you heal in and out.

While Dr. Snehal Jadhav is a cosmetologist and specializes in hair and skin treatments,          Dr. Yogesh Jadhav is a homeopath and will help you heal from within, taking care of your psychological needs and, in the process, healing the root cause that manifests itself in the form of baldness, skin problems, endocrinological issues, and autoimmune disorders.

What are the treatments available at The Healing Center in Aurangabad?

You can obtain the benefit of beauty inside out here.

Dr. Snehal can help you with Skin rejuvenation with the multiple services she offers for the same.

Yes !! Services like dermabrasion, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, hydra facial, diamond polishing, PRP, Mesotherapy, Electroporation, Micro-needling, and hair restoration treatments. All of it under one roof.

The improvement in your image will boost your self-esteem and self-love and, in turn, act as a catalyst to speed up the treatment you are undergoing with Dr. Yogesh Jadhav to eliminate the underlying causes.

Dr. Yogesh, an excellent homeopathy doctor, explains the fundamentals of homeopathy.

Homeopathy works on the principle of like kills like. Somewhat like poison treats poison.

The medicines are given in very small doses by diluting them so much that sometimes their presence cannot even be detected when tested.

So much so that some say it’s a placebo.

Well, it’s not a placebo. That’s for sure. 

What do Dr. Snehal and Dr. Yogesh expect from you?

Not much; they only expect you to aid your recovery by following the simple instructions they give you.

While Dr. Snehal is likely to prescribe some sunscreens and other topical creams, which you need to apply as instructed and make place for it in your daily regimen.

Dr. Yogesh Jadhav will give you medicines customized to your frame of mind. Simply take these as instructed.

In addition to the above, you will have to do something of your accord.

You will have to eat consciously and guess what, laugh, play and sleep like a baby!!!

Trust me, it will work like magic to transform your appearance, and your mirror will fall in love with you once again.