DELHI: Twitter has taken an unexpected decision, exacerbating differences with the Indian government. Twitter, which has been controversial in enforcing the new IT laws brought in by the Modi government, has once again acted against the rules. Twitter has made headlines by appointing an American as a grievance officer in India.

According to the new IT rules introduced by the central government, if the number of users exceeds 50 lakh, social media companies will have to appoint an officer to resolve complaints and disclose the details. Apart from that the officer must be a person residing in India. But the latest decision taken by Twitter is the complete opposite of this provision.

Twitter has hired an American employee named Jeremy Kessel as a grievance officer in India. Jeremy currently works in his California office and is the Director of Twitter Global Legal Policy. However, the Indian government did not accept the appointment as Twitter India had appointed an American as a grievance officer.

The resignation of Dharmendra Chatur, the interim grievance officer of Twitter India, on Sunday was also a sensation as the feud between the Center and Twitter had reached a climax for some time. Dharmendra resigned less than a month before taking over, replacing Jeremy Kessel as Grievances Officer in India.

Giants like Twitter will have to appoint a Grievance Officer as well as a Nodal Officer and a Local Complaints Officer. All these officers must be residents of India. In contrast, the hiring of an American employee seems to have once again sparked controversy between the central government and Twitter. Meanwhile, Twitter’s latest India Map case, which names Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh as separate countries, has drawn criticism.

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