We can explain what is white Friday as White Friday is another term for the famous Black Friday that emerged in the United States and is now globally known as the biggest online shopping event. Every year, around this time, almost every eCommerce site starts preparing for Black Friday (White Friday in the Middle East), which takes place annually during the last Friday of November and usually extends to the previous few days of the month.

Concept Of White Friday 

A recent development in the Middle East is the Concept Of White Friday. This is the Middle Eastern version of Black Friday and is an excellent opportunity for buyers to get quality products at lower prices. This holiday traditionally falls at the end of November. Whether you’re a fan of online shopping or traditional brick-and-mortar stores, the concept of White Friday is sure to appeal to you.

In 2014, Souq, the largest e-commerce site in the Middle East, introduced a grand sale to the region. This resulted in a substantial increase in internet traffic and sales. Souq CEO Ronaldo Mouchawar, educated in the United States, recognized the American passion for deals and decided to adapt the concept to the Middle East.

When is White Friday in 2022?

You are in luck if you are wondering when White Friday is next. This annual business event has been growing every year since its inception, and this year is expected to be the biggest yet. The promoter of the event is the Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation. If you are interested in participating in this event, you should be aware that you must provide a 30% deposit to register.

As the biggest shopping event of the year, the Carrefour White Friday 2022 is an excellent opportunity to buy new items and save money. You can also take advantage of this special day to compare prices.

Which Countries Participate in White Friday sales?

As Black Friday has become a worldwide phenomenon in the United States, e-commerce giants in the Middle East have spawned a similar event. Having observed American shopping habits and understanding consumer behavior, these companies decided to introduce a similar event in the region. This led to the birth of White Friday sales, now a staple of online retail sales.

While the United States and Canada are the largest spenders, many Middle Eastern countries have slowly adopted the trend. The average discount offered during the Black Friday sales is only 44 per cent – below the expected 54 per cent discount – and is often lower than the actual discount. In contrast, the average value in Saudi Arabia is 54 per cent. In other countries, such as Greece, the average discount is much higher, at 82 percent. The trend of increased internet penetration and the rising per capita spending levels have changed the traditional notion of a business in the region. With a higher demand for luxury goods, the knowledge of White Friday marketing strategies is growing.

Is White Friday Better Than Black Friday?

Thanksgiving and Black Friday are synonymous in the United States, but there is another holiday – White Friday. This holiday originated from Middle Eastern e-commerce giants who grew to appreciate American purchasing habits and thought similar sales could work in their region. They created a day of deals that offer the same great discounts as Black Friday but in a different format.

Most people begin searching for White Friday deals around mid-October, about five weeks before the big day. This is an excellent opportunity for companies to advertise a big sale with even more considerable savings. They can do this by placing a timer on their website’s front page to increase anticipation and boost sales.

Advantages Of White Friday

 Now we know what white Friday is, So here we can Describe its advantages. As with the traditional Black Friday, an online shop has to be well-prepared to benefit from the sale season. Websites receive a high traffic volume during this time of year, so an eCommerce business with ambition must plan a comprehensive promotional campaign to capitalize on the opportunity.

Social media is the most effective way to market your products and services on White Friday. You should post updates on these platforms, letting your followers know about the discounts you have to offer. Prepare the content and necessary designs in advance. It would help if you had everything ready at least seven working days in advance. In addition, you should determine the policy for promotions and offers.

The other significant advantage of a White Friday campaign is its potential for boosting sales. White Friday can be an excellent opportunity to create brand awareness if you’re a small retailer and don’t have a large marketing budget. With the right kind of campaign, you can compete with large corporations.