LONDON: Wimbledon 2021 has an interesting scene. Australian player Nick Kyrgios Felix forgot to put his grass court shoes in the locker and entered the court. And then knowing the thing .. the match started a bit late. Going into details … The third round match between Nick Kyrgios and Agar Aliassim of Canada is scheduled to take place on Saturday as part of Wimbledon 2021. Nick prepared everything for the match and entered the court. Warmup also started.

On the other hand, Nick Kyrgios entered the ring with casual shoes instead of his grass court shoes. He forgot to put the grass court shoes in the locker during the match. A female staff member who was there came running in with Nick’s shoes. And then entered the ring with them. With this the warmup started a little late. The video went viral on social media. “I brought the clothes and rockets with me and forgot the shoes in the locker,” Nick said.

Nick Kyrgios was ruled out of the match due to injury. Nick lost 6-2 in the first round and lost the next round 1-6. The opponent got a walkover as Nick was injured at this stage. With this, Agar aliassim entered the prequarters. Netizens are making fun comments on the Nick shoe incident. ‘Special shoes special delivery’, ‘forgot the sword before leaving for battle’.

Indian star Sania Mirza enters pre-quarters at Wimbledon 2021 Mixed Doubles. Sania, along with senior player Rohan Bopanna, defeated Britain’s Audien McHugh and Vibley Smith 6-3, 6-1 in the second round. The Indian pair completely dominated the fight which ended in 47 minutes. The Wimbledon center and number one courts will allow 100 per cent fans from Monday.

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