MUMBAI: Zomato, a food delivery startup, will go public on July 14 with an IPO. The company plans to raise Rs 9,375 crore through an initial public offering. The stock will be priced at Rs 70-72 per share.

Earlier, it had targeted to raise Rs 7,500 crore, but the issue size was increased following a good response from investors. There are also unconfirmed reports that foreign investment firms may be investing heavily.

The company had set a target of repurchasing Rs 700 crore through its existing InfoEdge offer for sale. The amount has been reduced to Rs 375 crore.

Info Edge (18.55%), Uber (9.13%), Alipay (8.33%), Ant Fin (8.20%), Tiger Global (6%), Squea Capital (5.98%) and co – founder Deepinder Goel (5.51%) are currently in the company. Major investors. The company is currently valued at Rs 55,000-60000 crore.

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