Home Entertainment Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Quarrel between Kajal and Lobo

Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Quarrel between Kajal and Lobo

Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Quarrel between Kajal and Lobo

Big Boss Telugu 5: Bigg Boss Season 5 has enthralled the audience. Four of the 19 candidates who entered the house have already been removed. Sarayu was expelled in the first week, Uma Devi was born in the second week and Lahari was expelled in the third week. Nataraj also recently came out of Master House. As a result there are now 15 people in the house.

There will be no quarrels, tears or uncertainty between the rivals. On Monday, October 5th, the buzz in the Monday episode continued. Ravi was nominated by RJ Kajal. Ravi was disappointed by the incident. Kajal then went to them and expressed great excitement with the intention. Ravi and Lobo switch from washroom work to kitchen and Kajal dances for fun.

Lobo is angry with Kajal for his antics. He points his finger inappropriately and tells Kajal not to tell anyone. With this, Kajal understands the situation. Kajal then said, “Lobo I’m watching everything. I’m watching whatever you do. Do not overreact!” Lobo continued, “What did I just say?

“You didn’t say anything, you did something. I saw what you did,” Kajal continues. “I pointed my finger. That’s right” Lobo pointed another finger at her hand. To which Kajal says, “Now which finger are you pointing at, which finger did you point in front of? I saw clearly” Kajal. “What finger did you point at before, should I ask Big Boss to show me that video clip now?” Kajal asks.

“I didn’t do anything like that. If you want, I’ll write it down on paper,” Lobo said. “Well. I leave it here because you say you did not do anything on purpose,” Kajal concludes.

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