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Free Fire Diamond hack generator no ban


Technically you can’t really earn “free diamonds” easily, but if you are lucky you can earn some like 2 or 5 or 10. Anyway, they won’t help much as they have nothing to buy with at least 20 diamonds (you can buy arm skins if you don’t have 25, which is also time-based arm skins!). Now earning free diamonds depends on each season. Since it is Easter season you can earn diamonds from the bunny egg and you can retrieve it for 15 blue eggs and 2 red eggs. The maximum that a player can recover is 6 so be careful to use it before others use it! Now I advise you to use Bunny Egg at the classic time if you do not like almost every player running. Start a classic competition. All players will be on a common island before the game starts. Here’s your chance, take a closer look at the time and quickly move away from the other players and plant the tree closest to you. Run to the lucky tree you lost and stop quickly when an option appears. Click OK. If so you will get prizes but don’t expect it to be only diamonds, you will most likely get 20-50 coins or 100 if you are at least a little lucky. If you are expecting diamonds, it will be very rare like the 6 bunny eggs you plant, you can only get 2 diamonds from 1 bunny egg, and that too if female luck is pity on you. If you want to earn more, you have to depend on other players. Start a contest in ranking mode or sometimes you can try individual methods (but don’t expect to have a rabbit egg like you did in ranking mode at the beginning) Now you will all be in the same place before the match starts. Look at each player’s right hand and be quick (at least be a pro at running on a lucky tree). If you notice something glowing in their hand, it is a bunny egg. Stay close to the player and be in front of the player facing the player while planting. If you are too lazy to do this, wait for a message to appear at the top of the screen. It looks like this:

Player 1 planted a lucky tree.

Quickly find out where the lucky tree is and head towards it — remember to jump because it lifts you forward more than any other player! Go inside the lucky tree quickly and tap OK as soon as the other players enter as only some players can win the prize. I think you can earn about 12 diamonds this way “if you are a normal player”. If you are a pro player and hell in the game online, you can expect to get 25 or 50 more diamonds (this technique only applies to pro players and their skills in playing and only if you play in many tournaments. If you are 15 or you can only earn 5 if you are an unlucky guy like me!)

Finally I want to remind you that no matter what diamonds you get by following this trick, you will never buy absolutely amazing, cool or anything. With this you can not even buy a pet or a character or even an elite pass. You can buy some boring stuff.

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Lastly if you want to earn 7000- 50,000 diamonds, there is a competition called Costume Design where you have to design an outfit for the characters. The best work of art will receive 50,000 diamonds, the lowest prize will be 7000 diamonds. More information is in the news section of the game and quickly design the outfit and submit before the specified date or don’t blame me if you are too late! I am also currently designing an outfit, please follow the drawing rules!

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