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Satish Kaushik open up about why he proposed to Neena Gupta for marriage


MUMBAI: Bollywood actress Nina Gupta has been in the news for the past few days due to her autobiography ‘ Sach Kahun To ‘. In this book he has made many revelations about his private life. Which no one knew about yet. He has made a similar revelation about the time when his daughter Masaba Gupta was pregnant. In which, when she was pregnant, actor Satish Kaushik had said that she had asked him for marriage. Now actor Satish Kaushik has reacted to this.

In an interview to the Bombay Times, Satish Kaushik said, “I appreciate Nina Gupta for raising her daughter alone without getting married.” I always stood by her like a good friend. What Nina has written about me in her autobiography. That’s all I wanted to do for her as a friend.

Sati Kaushik said, ‘I appreciate Nina’s decision to give birth to her baby without getting married. I always stood by her as a friend. Everything you read in her autobiography I just wanted to do for her as a friend. I was worried about whether she would fall alone. That is friendship. When I asked Nina for marriage, she was going through mixed feelings. I had tears in her eyes when I told her I was with you, don’t worry. ‘

Satish Kaushik further said, ‘Nina Gupta has been my best friend since 1975. But our relationship grew stronger when I stood firm with her while she was pregnant. Despite all these crises, I am proud to see that she is a great actress today. Today, she is known as a strong woman in our society. Meanwhile, many years after Masaba’s birth, Nina Gupta married Vivek Mehra.

Nina Gupta and Satish Kaushik have worked together in films like ‘Jane Bhi Do Yaro’, ‘Mandi’ and ‘Tere Sang’. Nina and Satish were educated at Delhi University and both lived in the Karol Bagh area. Both have acted in several plays.

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