People have different types of hobbies. Someone is fond of collecting coins, someone is fond of dress collection or someone is fond of collecting stones found on the banks of the river. One such woman has such a hobby, knowing about which anyone will be surprised.

Millions of photos

In fact, Lou Cocker, who lives in North Walsham, England, has been clicking photos with Gravestone for a decade. Also, information about the new photos deposited. According to the information, 48-year-old Lou has so far photographed more than 220,000 gravestones and monuments in more than 700 cemeteries and churchyards around Norfolk. However, due to the addition of new gravestones to the cemeteries every day, according to Lou, only 70 percent of his project has been completed.

Help in finding the grave of ancestors

Let us tell you that Lou and his mother Angela also clean the gravestones so that the name and information written on them is clearly visible. Also, let us also tell you that they have a purpose behind doing this. She takes pictures of the gravestones and puts them on the Ancestory website ‘Findmypast’, which helps people in her town of North Walsham to find the graves of their ancestors.

Let us tell you that Lou, who works as a shift manager in a supermarket, said that she took up this ‘weird’ hobby about 12 years ago, when she started looking for her family tree. had started.

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