BENGALURU: Actor Arjun Sarja has been building the Anjaneyaswamy Temple for many years on July 1 and 2. A number of worshipers have been called to the elders and elders of the synagogue due to the coronavirus infection. Devotees of the whole Sarja Family Anjaneya.

Live viewing was arranged on Youtube channel as fans and devotees of Anjaneya Swamy could not participate in the worship. “My multi-day wish, the construction of the Anjaneya Swamy Temple by our family in Chennai is now complete.

We had a funeral ceremony. Corona is unable to invite anyone, keeping in mind the people’s interests. So we are broadcasting live on social media, ”said Arjun Sarja.

The statue of Anjaneya near Chennai airport weighs about 140 tonnes. Vinay Guruji was also present at the event and blessed with a photo of Anjaneya. Only the Arjun Sarja family and the Dhruva Sarja family were involved in the program. Fans have commented that Korona will be visiting the temple regularly as she spends.

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