NEW DELHI: Seeing a snake, the senses of such people are blown away and if it suddenly appears in the toilet, then it can be understood that what will happen to someone. A similar incident has come to light in Austria, where a person was bitten by a python as soon as he sat in the toilet. He has been admitted to the hospital. He had to bear the brunt of the whims of a neighbor who had kept 11 snakes in the house.

According to a report in ‘Daily Mail’, the 65-year-old man had gone to the toilet early in the morning. As soon as he sat on the toilet seat, he felt like something strange was there. When he saw it, his senses were blown away. He could understand something and could get out of there that he bit her in the private part. The man immediately called the police, after which he was admitted to the hospital, where his condition is said to be stable.

Neighbor reared 11 snakes in the house

This incident is being told in the city of Graz, Austria. According to the police, the snake which was seen in the toilet of the elderly was feet long and it was reared by the neighbor. This neighbor of the elderly has kept 11 snakes, out of which one came out of his house and went to the neighbor’s house and also bit him in the toilet. It is understood that it had reached the old man’s house through the drain.

At the same time, the neighbor of the elderly, who has kept 11 snakes, has made a kind of designed cage for it and says that he does not know how the python came out of its cage and reached the neighbor’s house. The age of this person is said to be 24 years. The police have arrested him and the local animal service has also been alerted about the presence of snakes in the youth’s house.

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