What is happening in North Korea? With so many controversies already unfolding, there is currently a food famine rampant.

There have been various shocking reports about this. However the true situation is not yet clear.

Things that normally happen in North Korea are not so obvious on the outside. What is the current situation in North Korea? Is there a food shortage right now? What is the status of the people? What steps is the government taking. So many questions arise.

North Korea’s news agencies have reported that there is currently a severe food shortage in the country. Thus many thousands of people are starving. Food prices have reached an all-time high. There are also reports that people eat only once a day.

Due to the strict restrictions imposed on North Korea due to corona, there is a severe shortage in that country. They have been completely halted, especially as North Korea has been receiving large amounts of aid from China. In addition, agriculture has been severely affected by the storm, while food production has been badly affected.

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