MUMBAI: Former Bigg Boss contestant Basheer Bashi and his wives are active with Instagram and YouTube blogs. Basheer, Mashoora, Sonu alias Sonu and their children live in these places. But as soon as YouTube opened, it was full of Mashoora and Basheer.
Bashir’s new blog starts by saying, “Sonu, why are you silent? You two need to talk here, give Sonu a chance.”

Basheer opened his camera eyes in the morning while feeding the babies. Suhana can be seen in this blog.

Basheer says Sonu is interested in Instagram. You can quickly post stories on Instagram. Basheer said that was the reason why Suhana was attracted to him.

Basheer’s first wife Suhana responded to the video when there was a controversy in the past about the two getting married.

“Suhana says her name is Joshua Sonny. Suhana says she married Basheer Bashi during her college days after falling in love since school. Suhana reveals in the video that we have been married for 11 years and 15 years.”

‘I was born and raised in a Syrian Christian family. I had a father, a mother and an uncle. My mother died when my daughter was one year old. Now he has a father and a brother. The happiest moment of my life is being able to marry the person I love, ”says Suhana.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3

Bigg Boss Malayalam season is approaching the final. The final round will be held in Chennai.

Bigg Boss continued to film the TV show after the lockdown imposed by Kovid following the second wave. Eventually, a team led by Revenue officials and the police evacuated the contestants, including the contestants, from the Bigg Boss house in Chennai.

The event was postponed for two weeks after the Tamil Nadu government announced a lockdown. But in the meantime, the information came out that the set was infected with Kovid.

Kovid victims were reported to be working outside the set. And that they were not in contact with competitors. The show kicks off on February 14, 2021 with 14 contestants. Except for those who were eliminated from the show, they were transferred to the hotel after the end of filming. The second season of Bigg Boss Malayalam was also ended following the Covid outbreak.

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