bigg boss 5 telugu season 05 10 2021 episode highlights
bigg boss 5 telugu season 05 10 2021 episode highlights

BB5 Telugu Updates: Bigg Boss Season 5 Tuesday Episode As expected, the war of words between Shanmukh Jaswant and Sriramchandra over Jesse is once again going on. Sriramchandra countered in his style to Shanmukh that there was nothing in his rule book to speak of hearing. Sri Ramachandra says that it is wrong to know everything at the age of 26 and to know the unknown and put it in your rule book.

There is no need to talk about age .., Siri supports Shannu that he was not sent into the Bigg Boss house because of his age here .. Sriramchandra fires up. After that Shriram tells Shannu, Jesse and Siri that it is my responsibility as a captain to eat all the members of the house as he will also eat the food after you have eaten it. In the ensuing conversation Shannu, Jesse, and Siri decide that the quarrel does not need to be extended unnecessarily tomorrow to end today.

RJ Kajal on the other hand .. Anchor Ravi, Kajal is serious about the comments made by Lobo on the comments made by Lobo coming from the wash room work to the kitchen work .., Ravi speaks angrily at Kajal’s words and the two yell at each other. Bigg Boss then selects four members of the household for the game and tells them that the gifts will be given to the people they like, and that the four will tell the captain of the house, Sriramachandra, who will select Priya, Shanmukh, Manas and Hamida from the household. Priya, Manas and Hamid said that the gifts they received were for their mother and Shannu was giving them the gifts for his director.

As part of the captaincy task given by Bigg Boss, Ravi and Sunny were appointed as princes by Sunny Praja. In it, Shanmukh supports Jesse stealing the coins from the princes before the task. After that, Siri and Sunny also stole the coins from Ravi and pretended not to know what happened in the Tuesday episode.

Supporting Ravi Sriramchandra , Hamida, Ani Master, Swetavarma, the audience wondered why Sriramchandra sang Jai Jai Sriganesha while Ravi was being beaten by jazz. While the family members were busy with the task given by Bigg Boss, Shanmukh, Siri and Jesse were busy stealing coins from the house.

Eventually Vishwa realizes this and brings the box of coins. Along with Ravi , Sunny also finds the coins stolen in the box. After that we saw Jesse giving his coins to Siri pretending not to know what was going on. We will see in Wednesday’s episode that Vishwa Sunny is getting serious about the team members who know about the theft of coins. In today’s episode, Vishwa will be wrestling on behalf of Anchor Ravi. Manas will be wrestling on behalf of Sunny.