Bigg Boss Marathi 3 6th October 2021 Written Episode Update
Bigg Boss Marathi 3 6th October 2021 Written Episode Update

In the latest episode of Big Boss Marathi Season 3, Big Boss gave the contestants an interesting new task. The work was titled ‘Maje Madke Bari, Tusriyache Madke Fodi’, in which Big Boss donated pots (Madke) to Team A and Team B.

Team A included Vikas Patil, Utkarsh Shinde, Akshay Waghmare, Gayatri Dadar, Meenal Shah and Avishkar Darvekar. Team B had contestants like Jai Doodane, Meera Jagannath, Vishal Nikam, Tirupati Desai, Sonali Patil, Sneha Waugh, and Santosh Chaudhary, Dadus.
In the first round of ‘Maje Madke Bari Tusriyache Madke Fodi’, both teams brought pots from the store room and as soon as the buzzer sounded they started painting the pots.
Jay Dutane suddenly rushed towards the A team and started breaking their pots. To avenge that, Utkarsh Shinde and Vikas Patil also broke the pots belonging to the B team.
All the pots were broken and the first round became a draw.

The second round started, as a rule, Group B rival Sneha Waugh first started painting the pots with the help of Vishal Nigam. Jai Dutane asked Vishal Nigam to protect their (Group B) pots and thought to break the pots that were in Group A.

After seeing Jay breaking Team A’s pots, Akshay Walkmer went to break their pots and Vishal Nikam stopped him.

Soon, both Vishal Nikam and Akshay Walkmer got into a big physical fight and had to stop Big Boss from finishing the mission.

Big Boss later announced that the work ‘Maje Madke Bari Tusriyache Madke Fodi’ will be canceled due to physical violence. He pointed to a physical fight between Vishal Nigam and Akshay Waghmare. Big Boss strictly warned competitors not to get into physical fights and instead to use their ideas and creativity during the mission.