RIO DE JANEIRO: Indian company Bharat Biotech (Bharat Biotech) will now be investigated against the Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who has been involved in the Corona Vaccine Covaxin deal. Justice Rosa Weber of Brazil’s top court approved this on Friday. The Supreme Court has given permission to the top prosecutor’s office for this investigation.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s allegations of turning a blind eye to reports of possible corruption in a deal to purchase coronavirus vaccines have increased the threat to his regime. These threats also include the recommendation of criminal charges against him. The allegations have sparked the opposition’s impeachment campaign and made the Brazilian leader’s aides in Congress wonder what the cost of their support might be.

Bolsonaro has been the target of nationwide protests in recent weeks. He called it a national embarrassment for a Senate committee investigating the government’s COVID-19 response aimed at undermining his administration. The two-month nationally broadcast hearings focused mainly on why his health ministry ignored opportunities to buy vaccines, while Bolsonaro has consistently advocated the malaria drug, hydroxychloroquine, which has been shown in several studies to contain COVID-19. has been reported to be ineffective in treatment.

The health ministry official said they faced pressure from Indian pharmaceutical ‘Bharat Biotech’ to approve imports of the covaccine vaccine and in invoices – especially in advance payments of $45 million made to the Singapore-based company There were irregularities.

In March, the two brothers shared their concerns with Bolsonaro, and the president promised to refer the matter to the federal police and the involvement of Bolsonaro’s top aide, a government leader in the lower house of Congress. .

A federal police official with knowledge of the investigation said on condition of anonymity that the federal police had received neither Bolsonaro nor his health ministry request for an investigation.

Onix Lorenzoni, the secretary general of the presidential office, said last week that Bolsonaro had met with the Miranda brothers but claimed they had submitted forged documents. He said that Bolsonaro had ordered an investigation of the two brothers.

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