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Center will spend Rs 23,220 crore on improving health infrastructure, focus on children’s health


NEW DELHI: The central government is preparing to spend Rs 23,220 crore to improve the public healthcare sector. In this, special attention will be given to the health of children. In this scheme, ICU beds, oxygen supply facilities will also be increased at the district and sub-district level. When Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman addressed reporters on Monday, she gave details of this plan to improve the infrastructure of these government health services.

At a time when children are feared to be affected on a large scale in the third wave of Corona , then this initiative from the government has come to the fore. Sitharaman said that in view of the need, the facilities of care for children and epidemic related will be improved under emergency preparedness.

Sitharaman said that the facility of ICU beds, oxygen supply will be ensured at the district and sub-district level. In this, the availability of a large number of medical students, nurses, ambulances, medical oxygen, medical equipment will be ensured. The Finance Minister said, adequate arrangements will also be made for the availability of medical equipment, tele-contact and ambulance services. Testing capability, genome sequencing and surveillance capability will be strengthened.

The Finance Minister has announced a loan guarantee scheme of 1.1 lakh crores for the areas affected by Corona . In this scheme, 50,000 crores is being given for the health sector alone, the remaining 60,000 crores will be given in other sectors. A maximum loan amount of 100 crores has been kept for the health sector. The maximum interest rate will be at 7.95 percent. The maximum interest rate for other sectors has been kept at 8.25%. The coverage will be changed as per the requirement.

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