MUMBAI: The threat of corona virus is not completely over yet. People need to be very careful right now. At the time of the second wave of Corona, the country had seen a severe shortage of beds, injections and oxygen in the hospital and saw patients yearning to go home to meet their families, butMaharashtraOne such video is coming out from Sangli, seeing which you will not be able to stop your laughter. Here a patient who was cured of corona made such a demand in front of the hospital that the administration was also baffled.

Maharashtra video of a Kovid center in Sangli district of K is going viral, in which a patient is dancing and asking for chicken. The patient ran away from the food of the Kovid Center so much that he refused to go home without eating chicken. The patient started dancing there in the Kovid Care Center. Actually, after recovering from Corona, this person was not ready to leave the hospital. The staff and the hospital administration were also blown away after hearing the insistence that he had kept on leaving the center.

Actually, the immune system of patients is strengthened to fight corona. For this he is also given nutritious food. Now this Sangli patient liked the hospital food so much that he insisted on eating chicken before leaving. People are liking this video very much on social media. People are commenting fiercely on this. Also sharing each other.

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