Many dangers of corona infection are known, but scientific studies are revealing many new dangers of it. According to a research report published in the prestigious journal Nature, corona is also affecting the brain. It has been found that this may increase the risk of mild seizures due to brain fog (a disease associated with memory loss) and obstruction of blood flow to the brainstem.

The report quoted Yale University neuroscientist Serine Spudich as saying that 80 percent of people who recovered from severe corona infection showed symptoms of brain diseases. The main symptoms of memory loss and mild seizures have been found in these. Whereas in many cases it has been seen that the blood circulation to the brain cells is not being done properly due to infection. It can also eventually lead to death or seizures. Examination reports of patients’ brains found a reduction in gray material from the cerebral cortex.

According to a University of California study, the corona virus is also damaging the astrocyte cells of the brain. These cells perform many functions and broadly their function is to keep the brain functioning smoothly. The report refers to a Brazilian study, in which the brains of 26 people who died of corona were examined. Of these, infection was found in the brain of 5. It has been observed that 66% of the astrocytes cells of these people were infected.

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