Former Minister of Thanjavur Boondi Ki. Ayyaru Vandaiya (86) passed away early on Sunday (July 4) at a private hospital in Chennai due to ill health. Ewa, a former secretary of the Boondi Sri Pushpam College, who passed away last May due to ill health, and former Lok Sabha member Ki. Tulsi Ayya is the younger brother of Vandayar. Ayyaru Vandaya, a prominent figure in the Congress party, contested and won the Thanjavur Assembly constituency in the 1984 by-elections.

Following this, Ayyaru Vandaya, who left the Congress and joined the AIADMK, contested and won the Thiruvaiyaru constituency (Thanjavur district) in the 2001 assembly elections. At that time, he was also the Minister of Charity for a few weeks. He was a member of the Legislature until 2006. Eva was also the Vice President of Thanjavur Bank and held honorary positions in various clubs, including Boondi Sri Pushpam College, was a member of the Governing Body and the trustee of Thanjavur Veeragava High School.

He was awarded the Kamaraja Award by the Government of Tamil Nadu in 2004 for his service mindedness. The body of the late Ayyaru Vandayar was brought to Thanjavur on Sunday and was cremated with the honor of the National Student Corps at Boondi village.

His wife Rajalakshmi Ammal passed away in 2013. He has a son, Dhanasekara Vandaya, and a daughter, Ponnammal.

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