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How To Use Clubhouse A Step By Step Guide


Now talk about the clubhouse on sa magical websites. The issue was discussed at the club, where the actress and director were present at the club. You may have heard the words spoken very well. So how can I join a club house and talk but feel like joining? How to speak after joining How to create a club It is natural to have so many questions. To answer all these questions simply here is information about the clubhouse.

What is a club house?

You may have heard of Google Meet, Zoom This can be communicated via video. But these apps can be debated and discussed but not easily communicated with all the people in the world. But it is now possible through the clubhouse. The specialty of this social network is that there is no video. Only audio will listen. So you can get involved in the club talk and gossip about which dress you are wearing.


The Clubhouse app was released on iOS last year. The app has been trending in India since it was released on May 21 this year.

How to join a club house?

This app has been specially developed. Clubhouse Installed members can invite you or you can install them yourself. If you have installed the App you will need to be nominated by the Join Members of the Clubhouse. If you want to be nominated, it is mandatory to have that member’s phone number on your contact list.

The step-by-step joining process is described below.

Initially install the Club House App from Google Play Store or Apple Store . The mobile phone number must be entered after installation. If your phone number is correct, your mobile will receive an OTP.

If you enter that OTP, type your first and last name. Then you have to put the username. You cannot find that username if someone else is already using the username. So a little teaser here. Like many attempts to create an email id, the same thing needs to be done. Id kriyet after the Next button must be pressed.

If all of the above process is correct then we’re reserved @… ..for you, and we’ll text your account as soon as you can! Comes the message. Upon completing this step you will get a notification to your friends’ clubhouse account which is your number saved. If the friend answered ” Let Them inʼ ” on the question of inviting your friends to the clubhouse , you officially including the clubhouse. Your mobile phone will receive a message. Then put the full name and choose the topics that need to be added to the profile and friends can follow after the profile is completed. The name of who nominated you appears on your profile page.

How is Room Access?

No matter what club you follow or the friends you follow, the room looks first on your wall. If you want to participate in a discussion after entering the group, you must press AKI. If the moderator agrees to your request, you can come to the discussion forum. Also, the moderator can invite you to speak. If you press the ‘ Join as speaker ‘ option you will be allowed to speak in the room. You can invite friends to create a room by pressing ‘ Start a room’.

How to invite friends for discussion?

You can ping this group if you need to call more friends, ʼ + ʼ looks down the club. When you press this, it will look like who among your friends was living in the clubhouse at the time. You can invite them to the club by pinging them. If you don’t like the discussion at the club, you can press Leave quietly .

How to Find Friends?

There is a search button at the top of your wall. Here you can search for your friends by clicking on them, or by clicking on them. If the club section is selected, the desired club can search and join.

How to create an event?

Above is a calendar with notifications. When the calendar is pressed, you can see the programs, which are held in the clubs you belong to. Events are created when information is added by pressing a calendar that appears on the top right side. You can invite friends to negotiate the room through the ‘ Start a Room ‘ that appears on your wall without making the event work .

How is the discussion in the room?

Anyone who works in a room is a moderator. His DP is looking ʼ in green underneath . He plays a key role in that room. Who should call the discussion forum? Who should be sent to the audience segment? Whoever has to be a moderator has this special power. These options are only visible to the moderator when they press on the DP of a roommate. This will allow you to continue the room activity. When the negotiation ends, the room can be closed by pressing the three dots on the right.

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