iman annachi s speech in the first promo on bigg boss has created differences for the contestants
iman annachi s speech in the first promo on bigg boss has created differences for the contestants

The first promo of Big Boss has sparked an unexpected fight. I knew they would do this anyway but no one expected them to start this so soon. Netizens are leaving to spread their trolls that laughter is such a bigg acapora for a kuttamayya.

The fight started Fans have been saying that the reason for the success of the Big Boss show every season is the fights and love scenes that take place in it, but there is no sign of it in this fifth season. In this case, here’s the first promo … The fights started by the contestants that we have started are spreading virally

சிரிச்சது குத்தமா

The promo, which is childishly troubling this time around, has fallen on deaf ears to fans who were expecting everything to start the fight as usual. While many people are waiting for the show after watching this promo, Netizens are trolling the promo in their own style saying that we have come to India and started like this.

Fight for promo

They are careful to make every contestant who appears on the show famous anyway. Those who have been proving every time that none of this is sloppy are now just a few words spoken by Iman Annachi Normal which is causing a stir among the contestants. When a crowd is pounding at him for not being able to accept what he has said, a crowd is supporting him that he did the right thing.

Dirty scenes

Everyone comes to the task of impressing others by telling them the difficult times they went through and deciding that the contestants who were drowning the fans and rivals in a sea of ​​tears by telling their worries until yesterday’s episodes were completely bleeding from the next ones can happily tell even the hardship today. At this point Iman Annachi, in his spare time, said with a smile that this is why this time he wants to make a comedy actor Big Boss title.

The beginning of the concert

Seeing him smile, CB says that when you talk, he smiles. To which, Iman Annachi says no, and when he says that he can laugh, Nirup, who was sitting nearby, yells angrily at me that it is okay. This leads to an argument between the two. Thus he goes out in rage. Abhishek stands next to him and yells at Nirup to tell him what to say. Seeing all this, Namitha Marimuthu says the fight is going to start at home. Netizens have been articulating that those who had been playing Mustafa Mustafa until yesterday have started the concert today.