MUMBAI: Final of the ICC World Test Championship in Southampton, England will be delayed until Tuesday. It has been raining since the morning in the vicinity of Southampton Stadium. Due to heavy rain on Monday .. It is known that the game was canceled without at least one ball falling.

In fact this championship is supposed to end today in the final. The final match is scheduled to take place from Friday to Tuesday. Three sessions on Friday were wiped out due to rain. With that .. there are indications that the match will continue on Wednesday as well. However, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has said that the match will be played on Reserve Day if the result is known.

Only 141.1 overs of play were possible on Saturday and Sunday combined. India batted first in the match and batted 92.1 overs for 217. New Zealand then went on to score 101/2 in 49 overs in the first innings. New Zealand are still 116 runs behind in the first innings.

The winner of the ICC World Test Championship will receive a prize money of Rs 11.67 crore. The ICC World Test Championship room will also be given away. The runner-up team will be given Rs 5.84 crore. If the match ends in a draw, the prize money will be shared equally between the two teams.

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