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Iran Politics News: After all, who has the key to power in Iran, know what will be the role of the new President, will take oath in August


New Delhi Online Desk. The newly elected president of Iran will be sworn in in August. In such a situation, the speculation has intensified whether there will be any change in the internal and external situation of Iran due to the change in power in Iran. Experts say that the center of real power in Iran is somewhere else. The President is just the face of the country. The real reins of governance are not with the President.

Khamenei’s dominance in Iran

  • Pro. Harsh Pant says that the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Syed Ali Khamenei dominates Iran. Important decisions ranging from country’s policy making to foreign policy are taken from the Khamenei office. The real power of Iran lies with Khamenei. From there everything is controlled. He said that he is the supreme leader of Iran. The supreme leader and his office in the country finalize the long-term plans and policies. Pro. Pant said that some parts are not disclosed considering the President has something to speak before the press.
  • In terms of Iran’s relations with America, the arrival of a new face in the presidency is considered to be very important. He says Iran will benefit from the US approach to the new administration in Iran. Especially with regard to the nuclear talks. Significantly, in 2015, a nuclear deal was signed between Iran and Western countries. After this the strict sanctions on Iran were lifted. However, former US President Donald Trump pulled America out of the deal in 2018. Trump again imposed economic sanctions on Iran. 
  • The government of the new US President Joe Biden is now looking for a way to join the agreement again. He said that the indications are coming from the Biden administration that it appears that Iran is not going to get relief. In this regard, this statement made by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on 8 June is very important. He said that he expects many sanctions will remain in place on Iran. In such a situation, it is difficult to say in which direction the next President of Iran will take the talks regarding the nuclear deal. Apart from this, his priority will be to replace Mustafa al-Qadmi in Iraq with a person who is loyal to Iran.
  • Pro. Pant says that Biden’s administration will adopt a policy in favor of a hardline regime in Iran. In November 2019, the US State Department imposed sanctions on eight others, including Reisi. The US believed that all of them were very close to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and involved in human rights violations. A major reason for this is that Raisi belongs to the ruling fundamentalist elite and is also close to the country’s supreme religious leader. So it is more likely that the change in US attitude towards Iran will be negligible.
  • Raisi to become 13th President: Let us tell you that Raisi has won the recently held presidential elections. Raisi will become the 13th President of the country after winning 62 percent of the votes. Raisi will take oath of office in early August this year. It is believed that he will interfere in the domestic politics and foreign affairs of the country.

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