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If you require assistance with a situation connected to Consumer Protection, you have arrived at the correct website for help and direction. Consumer protection laws are intended to protect consumers from being the victims of scams and frauds, among other things.

The Consumer Protection Act strives to protect the interests of consumers while also ensuring that businesses sell or advertise their products and services in a realistic manner that adds value to the end consumer’s purchasing decision.

If you believe that an act, product, or service has violated your consumer rights, then our knowledgeable Consumer Lawyers in Navi Mumbai can assist you with your complaint. A consumer’s right to safety, information, and consumer education are protected under the law.

When it comes to supplying the correct products or services, vendors or service providers frequently make mistakes.

These include expired items, false or misleading promises about the quality of the product, and the demand for significant sums of money in a fraudulent manner. Consumer Protection Law, on the other hand, makes it punishable by law.

A consumer rights and empowerment law firm in Navi Mumbai, ParthaSaarathi LLP is dedicated to protecting and expanding the rights and powers of consumers. ParthaSaarathi LLP is a consumer law firm that handles a wide range of consumer cases.

False advertising, product liability, consumer fraud, professional carelessness, and commercial scams are examples of these types of crimes.

We have a staff of highly qualified consumer lawyers and paralegals who are capable of offering end-to-end answers for every form of consumer complaint that comes their way.

In every disagreement, ParthaSaarathi LLP represents both consumers and service providers, depending on whether the customer is exploiting the law for personal gain or for other reasons in the dispute.

Let’s have a look at some of the industries where consumers are frequently defrauded

  1. Customers are frequently compelled to pay expensive electricity costs for services that they do not use. Many people who use the telephone are in a similar scenario.
  2. Retailers take advantage of consumers by printing the MRP on the package and including the words ‘local taxes additional.’ It presents enormous potential for profiteering.
  3. The International Standards Institute (ISI) is in charge of developing and implementing standards for manufacturers. Although it has been in operation for decades, it has been unable to address consumer concerns or have any practical impact on the manufacturers.
  4. Many times, household gadgets are not only of substandard quality, but they also represent a threat to the consumer’s life. Selling faulty household equipment and expired medications are two instances of this practice.
  5. To increase profit margins on expensive commodities such as oil, ghee, milk, spices, and other ingredients such as honey, impurities are introduced into the product. Consumers’ health is harmed as a result, and their money is wasted as a result.
  6. Inadequate safety features: Electronic goods manufactured in China lack the necessary built-in safety features, which might result in accidents.
  7. Unsatisfactory after-sales service: Many suppliers do not provide satisfying after-sales service in the case of pricey electronic equipment, household appliances, automobiles, and other similar items of equipment.
  8. Duplicate Goods: Customers are frequently confronted with the issue of duplicate goods. The products of unethical producers are identical to well-known brand names, resulting in buyers being duped. Even medical products, such as medications, are being copied by unlicensed makers.
  9. False or incomplete information: Sellers may intentionally mislead customers by providing incorrect information regarding items, prices, quality, safety, expiration dates, maintenance expenses, and other relevant facts.
  10. Real Estate Consumer Complaints: Consumers invest their hard-earned money in real estate projects only to find themselves on the receiving end of the transaction as a result of the following reasons:
  • construction faults that cause a delay in possession
  • Problems with leaks
  • compensation concerns, denial of a conveyance deed by the builder, and other issues

What causes consumers to be duped?

Consumers are fooled or deceived as a result of the following:

  • a scarcity of information
  • Excessive information is provided
  • Misinformation from one or more competing producers is a problem

Consumers are dispersed and uncoordinated in their purchasing decisions. The manufacturers, on the other hand, are well-organized and united. It is not practicable for consumers to band together and fights for their rights for a variety of reasons

As a result, consumers are taken advantage of when  it comes to seeking compensation for damages or difficulty caused by defective products and services, inadequacy in services, we at PaarthaSaarathi LLP advise consumers on the most effective methods of obtaining compensation, including:

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) should be given first priority, with litigation as the last resort.

Initiate legal proceedings by delivering a resolution proposal by Registered Post in the form of a Legal Notice to the other party.

If there is no response to the request for a resolution meeting, then immediately create and file a Consumer Complaint with the Consumer Forum at the District, State, or National level, depending on the monetary worth of the complaint.

Immediately notify the other party, through email or letter, that the official Complaint has been filed, as well as the usual Court Notice.

To pursue and follow up the Case aggressively with proper Pleadings, Oral and Written Applications, Evidence, Written Arguments and Final Order & Execution, as well as an appeal or review if necessary, until we attain justice for the Consumer.