Thiruvananthapuram: After announcing relaxations in lockdown restrictions, the Chief Minister clarified when the places of worship will be opened. He said the shrines would be reopened when the disease was reduced and the best conditions were met.

The status of the chief Vijayan said it would continue until next Wednesday (Pinarayi Vijayan) said that only once a week to have the state can not reach a conclusion that now the rate is less than reagavyapana. He added that the restrictions would be relaxed depending on the number of cases.

Chief Minister of various religious organizations and political circumstances demand priority aspects turakkanamennavasyappett (Kerala CM) are thus made clear. He also said that the government does not intend to completely close down places of worship.

The CM said a decision would be taken in a week’s time on indoor shootings, including serial shootings, and dining in hotels. Despite announcing relaxation in restrictions (Covid19), the Chief Minister pointed out that it should not be neglected and that it is extremely dangerous.

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The Chief Minister clarified the accuracy of the matter in the face of many criticisms against the non-opening of places of worship despite the opening of pubs.