MUMBAI: A mountain of grief fell on actress Mandira Bedi on Wednesday. Mandir’s husband and renowned director-producer Raj Kaushal died of a heart attack at around 4.30 am. The temple, along with her family and friends, cremated her husband’s body. The sudden departure of Raj has come as a shock to the temple. However, the temple gave his shoulder to Raj’s Parthiwala while practicing his wife’s religion. Seeing this, everyone present at the cemetery came out of now here.

Photos and videos of Raj Kaushal’s last journey have gone viral on social media. Raj was taken by ambulance to the crematorium at Dadar for cremation. At that time, the temple also gave a shoulder to Raj’s Parthiwala. The temple was in turmoil, but she continued to practice her religion. The video has gone viral on social media and everyone is emotional.

When Raj was confronted, the temple was constantly crying. Many friends of the temple and artists from Bollywood were present at this occasion. Before coming to the cemetery, Raj’s body was being placed in an ambulance, but the temple was not covered with grief. At that moment, Ronit Roy recovered.

Raj and Mandira were an ideal couple. The two fell in love with each other. The couple married in 1999 after dating for a few years. After that, the two had a son, Veer. Tara and Tara were adopted by Raj and Mandir in July last year. The square family was happy with the arrival of Tara. Raj was very happy with the arrival of Tara. Raj used to constantly post photos with Tara on social media.

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