BANGALORE: Microsoft today introduced Windows 11, a design designed to draw users closer and closer to their loved ones. This brand new Microsoft Store features new design features that make it easy for users to access apps, games and movies. In addition, everyone will have the highest level of work experience, learning and playing and service.

Commenting on this, Microsoft’s Chief Product Officer, Panos Panay, said, “Over the past 18 months we have made a lot of changes in the practical and functional personal and emotional aspects of how we use our PCs. We have prepared a compatible platform that will create a familiar space where everyone can create, learn, play, and most importantly connect with this brand new Windows 11. ”

These Windows 11 are available on new PCs and upgrade to eligible Windows 10 PCs for free The opportunity is conceived.

Windows 11 features a fresh, clean interface and intuitive features to support faster, more secure OS and simplified productivity growth . It gives users the ability to do their jobs easily and inspire their creativity. Users can easily find what they want by clicking the Start button in the center of the screen. Utilizes the power of Start Cloud and Microsoft 365 to show users the latest files previously seen on a variety of platforms or devices. So users can take what they have stopped working on. They can also access the documents they are working on on their Android or iOS devices.

Multi-tasking is never easy with new Windows 11 features such as Snap Layouts, Snap Groups and Desktops that help users organize their Windows and optimize their screen real estate. But now, with this new Windows 11, users can take pleasure in the flexibility of multiple Windows and make it easy to work on multiple apps simultaneously by snapping apps on their screens. Users can customize every aspect of their lives, such as work, gaming or school, with desktops and easily switching between them.

Users will get faster access to widgets with the information they care about. It is an AI powered curated newsfeed and provides top notch browser performance from Microsoft Edge. These widgets are going to open up new real estate for Windows to deliver personalized content to creators and publishers.

This new Windows 11 is designed to be a secure operating system for hybrid work and learning. It is highly secure by design, equipped with new built-in security technologies and provides a Zero Trust Ready operating system that protects access across data and devices.

Improved user experiences for gaming, entertainment and staying connected

This new Windows 11 has been introduced with the brand new Microsoft. Rebuilt to complement speed, variety and convenience. It includes an extensive catalog of first and third-party applications tested for safety and family safety. It brings incredible experiences in terms of entertaining, motivating and connecting users. For the first time, Android apps will be available in the Microsoft Store and with users Amazon.

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