NEW DELHI: The first extension of the second term of the Narendra Modi government can happen on Wednesday at 6 pm. Sources say that OBC will have the highest representation in this cabinet expansion. There will be more than 25 OBC ministers in PM Modi’s new cabinet. There is likely to be 10-10 ministers of SC and ST in this. The new cabinet will be formed in such a way that every state gets a chance to be represented.

Youngest Cabinet of India According to experts, after the expansion of this cabinet, it will become the youngest cabinet in the history of India. It is being told that this time many young faces will be given preference in this, due to which the average age of the cabinet will be greatly reduced. The participation of women in the new cabinet is going to be the highest.

Professionals will get a place, sources say that professional, management, MBA, post graduate youth are being included in the cabinet. Larger states will be given more share. Areas like Bundelkhand, Purvanchal, Marathwada, Konkan are being given share.

These faces can be found from UP, if political experts are to be believed, then Apna Dal (S)’s Anupriya Patel can be made a minister. Anupriya Patel was a minister in the first term of the Modi government. Actually, BJP’s eyes are on Kurmi vote bank and the effect of response is good among Kurmi vote bank in Eastern UP and Bundelkhand. Let us inform that Anupriya is an MP from Mirzapur in Uttar Pradesh.

Another name is being discussed in the cabinet, and that is Praveen Nishad, son of Nishad Party President Sanjay Nishad. Praveen Nishad is a BJP MP from Sant Kabirnagar. Nishad Party has good influence in Gorakhpur region. BJP can also give place to Brahmin and OBC faces from UP.

Chirag Paswan’s tension rises Amidst the news of the expansion of the Union Cabinet, the politics of Bihar has once again heated up. On Tuesday, Chirag Paswan said in a press conference that Pashupati Paras cannot be made a minister from the LJP quota. He said that if this happens then he will go to court.

Amidst speculation that uncle Pashupati Paras will get a place in the Union Cabinet, Chirag Paswan has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying that no one should be made a minister from the LJP quota. He said in a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, ‘Pashupati Paras should not be made a minister from LJP quota. If he has to be made a minister, then he should be made a minister as an independent MP. If he is made minister from LJP quota then we will go to court.

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