PYONGYANG: North Korea faces food crisis in Corona crisis North Korea has enough food stocks for just two months. Food shortages have pushed up inflation. The price of a tea in the country is Rs 5,100. So, the price of coffee has gone up to Rs. 7300.

The Corona crisis has broken the shackles of North Korea, which is already facing sanctions. North Korea has closed its border with China to escape the Corona malady. As a result, the supply of essential commodities has stopped. So, this year’s hurricane has caused huge damage to agriculture. As a result, North Korea’s agricultural production has stalled. Due to this double whammy, North Korea has only enough grain to last two months.

food shortages, inflation has skyrocketed. In the midst of this crisis, people are facing the same fear of drought as in the 1990s. Nearly three million people have died of starvation in North Korea. North Korea is currently experiencing a shortage of sugar, oil and flour. Besides, supply of rice and fuel is also disrupted.

North Korean President Kim Jong Un has already called on the people to cooperate in the face of the drought. In addition, members of the Workers Party were ordered to come forward to help the citizens.

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