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Parents Cannot Pay Fees, Students Taking Admission In Government Schools Instead Of Private


CHENNAI: Due to the corona virus, the economic condition of the people has been affected a lot, due to which a large number of parents are shifting their children from private schools in Tamil Nadu to government schools. The parents are unable to pay the children’s fees due to the loss of job due to corona virus and non-payment of salary.

Let us tell you, in Chennai, Thiruvanmiyur Higher Secondary School, a government school run by Chennai Corporation, a woman named Banu is busy handing over papers to get her three children out of private school and shift them to government school. His children are students of class 11th, 9th and 6.

Let us tell you, the woman had lost her job in a hospital, so she could not pay the fees of Rs 1.5 lakh to the private school. Whereas in government school the fee is fifty rupees annually.

In a special conversation with NDTV, she said, “In the last three months, I am working as a cook to feed my children and pay the rent. Today my situation is such that I will do anything for the sake of the children. She says she chose Thiruvanmiyur Higher Secondary School, for the quality of its teaching and the English medium education.

On the other hand, a tailor named Divya, who sews from her home, is feeling relieved. The private school in which his son studied till class 5th. Now the school says that it will not give the transfer certificate of the child until their full fees are paid. At the same time, Divya is still unable to pay the fees.

However, the announcement of the state government that children will be admitted even without normal documents, this news is a relief for Divya. Divya told that she went to get her child admitted in a government school without a transfer certificate, because the Chief Minister had said that admission would be given in government schools without a transfer certificate. At the same time, my son has already got his books free of cost. Around 16,000 students have been transferred to Chennai Corporation schools. This is 8 percent more than last year.

Officials say that when the pandemic hit last year, the civic body had arranged tabs for class 10th and 12th students so that they could attend online classes.

School principal Sivagami said, “Last year we had 99.5 percent results in class 10th among 250 students. We had the same high achiever in class 10th as well. We have good online teaching too. We also engage children in co-curricular activities encourage.

28 out of 280 schools under Chennai Corporation officials say the smart city project has also been identified to enhance the quality of teaching, including infrastructure and smart classrooms.

D Sneha, Deputy Commissioner, Education, Chennai Corporation told NDTV, “With the kind of infrastructure and teacher quality we have, we will be able to do justice to his decision.” The recent 7.5% quota in medical admissions for students of government schools also attracts children to government schools.

This is for the first time that as the middle class is turning to government schools, which have been financially hit hard by the pandemic, there is increasing pressure on the government to improve standards in government schools, especially in rural areas. So that the change does not lead to a fall in the educational standards of the children.

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