MUMBAI: Many people become victims of fraud due to cyber fraud. People unknowingly fall into the trap of thugs and get their bank accounts emptied. Private bank ICICI Bank has alerted customers about banking fraud. The bank has asked customers using mobile banking to be more cautious. The bank, through its official Twitter handle, has specifically cautioned customers against SIM swapping by cyber fraudsters. According to the bank, by issuing a new SIM from your registered number, cyber thugs get information and OTP etc.

That is, your SIM data is ha-ked. OTP also reaches ha-ckers as soon as you use mobile banking or net banking for transactions. On sight, ha-ckers can empty your account in a jiffy.

People want good returns from their life’s hard earned money and saved money. People want to invest their money in such a place from where they can get maximum returns. In such a situation, fixed deposit is the most popular savings tool among the people. If you have also got your FD done in any bank, then this news is very important for you. Now you should claim as soon as the FD matures or else you may have to suffer a big loss. Let us tell you that the Reserve Bank of India has made many changes in the rules related to FD. After this change, if your FD is not claimed even after maturity and the money remains with the bank, then you may have to bear the loss of interest on the savings.

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