MUMBAI: The world is eagerly awaiting the time for the Tokyo Olympics .The prestigious Games begin tomorrow. The beginning of the first day … was ready to entertain with Japanese arts and artists. Teamindia players who have already landed in Tokyo have started practicing. Ready to fly the Indian flag with a medal hunt. Already, TeamIndia fans have extended special wishes to Indian athletes.

The “RRR” film crew has conveyed special wishes to the Indian sports team participating in the Tokyo Olympics. A special poster has been released for the players. Ram Charan holding a gun and a spear are seen in this poster. They also have the Olympics logo on the back. This poster is meant to reflect the Olympics athletes. This poster is designed to resemble sports like shooting, archery, running. Currently this poster is cine,

“We have also joined hands with the country in support of the Indian players. Our most talented Indian players are all the best. We are with you,” the poster captioned. Meanwhile, the Indian team that competed in the Rio Olympics five years ago with huge expectations has returned with just two medals.

Peevi Sindhu won silver in women’s badminton singles while Sakshi Malik won bronze in women’s wrestling. At the Rio Games, 117 athletes from India entered the ring in 15 sports.

At the Tokyo Olympics, 127 athletes from India will compete for medals in a maximum of 18 sports. Over the past five years, Indian athletes have been consistently excelling at the international level with medals being snatched away and medals being snatched away  huge expectations have been placed on the spirits at the Tokyo Olympics. Let us hope that our players will live up to these expectations and fly our national flag.

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