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Shivsena Samana Editorial On There Will Be No Alliance With Bjp


MUMBAI: On the one hand, ED’s Sasemira is behind the leaders and ministers of the Mahavikas Aghadi government, while on the other hand, the political atmosphere has changed due to the political talk that Shiv Sena and BJP will reunite. However, from Anil Deshmukh to Anil Parab, to Anil Parab, to Pratap Sarnik, to Rohit Pawar, to Ajit Pawar, the Opposition is under the illusion that the Maharashtra government can be embarrassed. No matter how much these pumpkins do, they will not be able to cross the ladder of power ‘, Shiv Sena accused BJP.

Against the backdrop of the rainy session of the Legislature, the BJP has once again come under heavy attack from the front page of the daily Saamana, the mouthpiece of the Shiv Sena. For the first time, the Sena has accused the BJP leader of scam.

“Everyone is worried about the homeless and the unemployed in the society, but the homeless and the unemployed should also do something for the country. The government cannot provide everything to the homeless, ‘the Mumbai High Court recently observed. Opponents of the state, who have been made homeless and unemployed by the collapse of the roof of power, should also do something for the state. But without doing so, they are trying to create problems for the government. He must speak on the issues of Maharashtra. We should not just talk, we should take action from the government. But without doing anything like that, the Opposition is also harassing the ministers and MLAs of the Mahavikas Aghadi by ‘pressuring’ the Central Investigation Agency.

The company of relatives of BJP’s ‘foreign’ leader Prasad Lad has come up with a multi-crore smart city scam. Their Crystal Integrated Services Pvt. The embezzlement of government money by this company is over Rs 100 crore. It is a serious matter that the ED should immediately take notice of it and register a case and issue summons to the owners of the company like Anil Deshmukh and Pratap Saranaik. The Sena also demanded that the state’s economic crime department should take immediate action if the ED decides to drink milk.

These industries of the Opposition, which are embroiling the government in the Legislative Assembly session, also need to be exposed. On what points and issues is the Opposition going to confront the government? Of course, do it, but before that, look at the issues that have broken out under your back, ‘said Tolahi Sena.

‘More than half of the issues facing Maharashtra are due to the central government’s reluctance. Maratha reservation and political reservation of OBCs are matters to be handled and decided by the Central Government. What will be achieved by confusing these questions in the state assembly? The bobhata started by the Opposition is a nonsense that the government’s legal efforts to get reservation for the Maratha community have failed. The truth is that on May 5, the Supreme Court quashed the state government’s law on Maratha reservation. The apex court has said that the state government does not have the authority to enact such a law, but now the apex court has also rejected an appeal filed by the Center in this regard. So should the central government sit at the door of Prime Minister Modi and cry as the Maratha community has failed to give reservations? This question was asked by Sena in the presence.

Maharashtra has taken a strong lead in corona vaccination. Maharashtra is moving ahead with the record of vaccination. Maharashtra has succeeded in gaining control over Corona. If the Opposition is disturbed by the gruesome picture of cheetahs and corpses floating in the Ganges in other states, they should thank the Thackeray government for its excellent performance in Maharashtra. But the opposition in Maharashtra is not ready to get out of the dream of overthrowing the state government. They are in a state of ‘homelessness and unemployment’. Homelessness and unemployment is a serious problem in the society, but what about the homeless and jobless opposition in the state, this is the real question, ‘said Sena.

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