BENGALURU: A powerful solar storm is moving rapidly from the Sun to the Earth. For which it is being claimed that it can hit the earth at any time now. This solar storm, growing at a speed of 16 lakh kilometers per hour, is a powerful storm born in the surface of the Sun. This can have a big impact on the earth. What will be the effect of this solar storm hitting the earth, how will it affect humans? Let us know what the expert has to say about this.

In an exclusive conversation with OneIndia, Dr. Seema Javed, Environmentalist, Senior Journalist and Climate Change Strategic Communicator, said that solar storms generated by the Sun’s atmosphere can have a very relevant impact on the region of space dominated by the Earth’s magnetic field. It is a hole that has opened up in the Sun’s atmosphere, creating high-speed solar winds and a stream of charged particles.

Seema Javed further said that these solar storms come about every ten-eleven years, it is not new. They are coming on earth from the time of dinosaurs but in present time common man has depended on satellite, GPS, electronic equipment, cellphone, so due to this it will disturb the common man for some time and at the same time there will be little disturbance. Fat can cause havoc. Because these solar storms, Earth-directed solar storms can damage power grids and disrupt satellite communications.

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