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Sovereign Gold Bond With Buying Cheap Gold You Get A Chance To Earn Big Every Year Know How


MUMBAI: The next installment of Sovereign Gold Bond has arrived from today. Where you can buy cheap gold. You can earn good money from these bonds issued by the Reserve Bank. There are many benefits as well. In this, you can take advantage of it after maturity. At the same time, your guaranteed earning is also there every year. Which is not the case when buying physical gold. In fact, after buying gold bonds, the way gold prices keep on increasing over time, gold bonds also increase, but gold bonds also earn extra money.

The benefit of investing in gold bonds is accrued every year in the form of interest. After investing in bonds, you get 2.5 percent i.e. 2.5 percent as interest every year. That is, as the value of your bond increases, so does your extra earnings. Which is not in any gold scheme. Let us also tell you that after all, what are the other benefits of gold bonds.

This is the issue price of the gold bond: This time the Reserve Bank has kept the issue price of the gold bond lower than the previous installment. According to the data, the issue price of the fresh installment has been kept at Rs 4807 per gram. If you invest online, you get a discount of Rs 50 per gram. That is, you will get gold Rs 4,757 per gram. In the earlier installment, the price of the gold bond was Rs 4,889 per gram.

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