The candidates of all the parties are now coming forward for the post of District Panchayat President, where the main contest is being considered between the SP-BJP. The Samajwadi Party has opened its cards for the post of District Panchayat President, which is considered a seat of prestige in the district.

The party has declared District Panchayat member Asha Kamal Gautam elected from Ward No. 14 Bangra Dhwa as the official candidate. Whereas the BJP has bet on Pawan Gautam, the son of former municipal president and party’s big leader Dr. Dhannulal Gautam and elected member of trust.

Samajwadi Party District President Mahesh Kashyap said that Asha Kamal Gautam has been declared as the candidate on the instructions of the party’s national president and former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav and party’s state president Naresh Uttam. The Samajwadi Party is in direct competition with the Bharatiya Janata Party for the post of District Panchayat President.

Four members of Samajwadi Party officially If these are added, there are 8 district panchayat members in the account of Samajwadi Party, while the Bharatiya Janata Party has become the largest party by winning 9 seats. In this election, three and five independent district panchayat members of Bahujan Samaj Party will also decide the chair of the president.

The Bharatiya Janata Party has fielded Pawan Gautam, son of Dhannulal Gautam, the former municipal president of Jhansi, in front of the Samajwadi Party to declare its official candidate late last night. The Samajwadi Party has the support of four other members and four members belonging to the party cadre, who were given free hand by the party.

There are 24 elected members of Zilla Panchayat in Zilla Panchayat. The Speaker must have the support of a minimum of 13 members. In this election, the key of the District Panchayat President will be in the hands of five independents and three BSP members. Wherever these members will take their stand, the same team will be the winner on the post of District Panchayat President.

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